Thanks, Rick. Funny you commented on this edition. My latest newsletter (that just went out a few hours ago) was more ranting about Twitter. I promise it's not the only thing I write about, lol

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I really enjoyed this rant and feel much the same about social media and Twitter specifically. There's nothing more I'd love than to see you write really authentic stuff like this, invent new solutions like ghost readers! : ), and build a big following without ever touching social media. Why not? It would seem crazy for you to embrace a platform that fills you with dread. I also resonate with the challenge that writing = more sitting. Definitely a tough reality of the writing commitment. Someone is bound to solve this problem before long. Until then, I hope you find a balance and keep sharing stuff like this when you can.

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Haha I feel you on spending time on Twitter Randy.

I'm not the biggest fan on social media in general. And I don't like consuming it a lot. I'm figuring out how to use it intentionally as well.

As Sandra said, deleting the phone app is helpful. I have all notifications turned off. I only check it at speficic intervals. Spent my time writing and thinking of ideas instead. And going to the gym lol.

Consumption is a problem. Reduce / stop that and focus on creating instead. I engage through a software as well so I don't have to "go online".

And yes, writing is fucking hard. No question about it. I've had enough ups and downs to go nuts. But sticking with it for the right reasons is great. Feeling some resistance is also fine. You can adjust your strategy to resolve it.

All the best my man. I hope you don't stop 🙏🏻

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Jul 18, 2022Liked by randy

I remember when you shared in a mentor session that you were officially considering getting on Twitter and I wanted to be like NO, SAVE YOURSELF.

I think you should lean into what works for you as much as possible.

I share your disdain for Twitter and I’m no expert, but you have some options that might help you stay sane and minimize Twitter/screen time.

•If you have the app on your phone, delete it. I only go on Twitter through my laptop.

•Mute people! You can literally mute everyone you follow if that’s what it takes to stay sane. You can make your feed have less noise or no noise this way. Nobody knows when you’ve muted them.

•Add people whose tweets you know you want to see and engage with to a list. You can make different lists for different things and be intentional about checking that list when you’re on Twitter.

•Try a scheduling thing like Hypefury so you don’t have to be on Twitter when you want to tweet.

•For writing in general, consider getting yourself in the habit of doing all your planning and actual writing with pen and paper so you can just copy it when you’re in front of the screen.

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This totally resonates. Hang in there. Like reading your stuff.

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